Always Another Way

About Always Another Way

Always Another Way - Improving mental wellbeing in West Cumbria

Our team is from a wide range of backgrounds and is dedicated to the role they play in the organisation and to making a difference in the community.

Our Story

We are a local organisation based in Frizington, in West Cumbria, working across Copeland and Allerdale. We deliver low-level mental health support in the form of 1-2-1 or group sessions, tailored around the needs of the individual or family. Our aim is to improve mental well-being, reduce isolation, and remove some of the barriers to daily life caused by poor mental health.​

We have a range of services from LGBTQ+ support to family-led projects, drop-ins, support groups, and community projects. All of our services are FREE. We can also signpost to other organisations in our area if further support is needed. You can self-refer or we take referrals from other organisations.​

So if you feel you, or anybody you know, would benefit from our services please get in touch. After all, there is Always Another Way.

Our Services

1-1 Coping Strategies Support

Tailored around the needs of the individual, we help you learn the best alternative approaches for managing your mental health and wellbeing.

Adult Support Activities

A weekly adult drop-in groups that meet in Whitehaven and Workington., and weekly Walking Football in Whitehaven and Workington

Alternative Therapies

A range of therapies provided by fully qualified staff.

Colour Coded

Colour coded is a weekly drop-in group for LGBTQ+ individuals aged 11 – 25. It is a safe space to be yourself and engage in planned activities with your friends.

Mental Health Course

Short courses delivered to local organisations, designed to raise awareness of low level mental health issues. we teach effective coping strategies that you can implement to improve your well-being.

Personal Therapy

We offer warm, understanding and down to earth 1 -2- 1 and group sessions; working with families with 0 – 5 year old children, to help them understand themselves and their relationships better.